Wolfe Glass

Wolfe Glass has been involved with body work since a young age. At 9 years old he studied Hatha Yoga and Pranayama under the renowned Yogi Swami Bua Ji, and at 10 years old, after seeing his first Bruce Lee film, he became interested in martial arts and began studying Kung -Fu Wu Su at Alan Lee's school in Manhattan. Wolfe continued his Kung-Fu studies with Master Dong. In his 20’s he studied Traditional Wing Chun Kung -Fu under the William Cheung system. He also had the opportunity to visit and study at his school in Australia. In the mid 90's Wolfe's interest shifted to the internal Taoist arts and he began studying Qi Gong and Wu Dong Yang Style Tai Chi with master Sat Hon, from China.  In 2004 while in Brasil, Wolfe studied Regional Style Capoeira with master Altaufo in Natal. Today Wolfe continues studying Tai Chi diligently with Sat Hon, as well as various weapon forms. In 2015 Wolfe experimented with the concept of Tai Gong, and in 2016, with Sat's permission, developed the Tai Gong form which includes all 108 moves of the Tai Chi form in addition to various Qi Gong exercises and Healing Sounds.

"It is extremely rare indeed to have the great fortune of having Wolfe Glass as my student, and even more magnificent is the fact that he has been studying with me for more than two decades.  In this long arc of cultivation, Wolfe's comprehension and manifestation in the Taiji Quan and Qi Gong is both astonishingly prodigious and he, as in all likelihood would become a great master of the healing art.  Tai Gong is Wolfe's unification between Taiji Quan and Qi Gong into a beautiful and elegant self cultivation that expresses his profound understanding of the Taoist alchemical distillation of Qi."

Sat Hon, Lineage Holder of the Dragon Gate Taoist Alchemy