"I seriously studied Tai Chi many years ago . My teacher moved away and I let it go.What a pleasure to come back to Tai Chi many decades later with my new teacher  Wolfe.
I am at the point in life where I need this kind of practice  both for well being and balance. 
One of the main attractions of  Wolfe as a teacher is his own years of study and devotion to these forms and to his teacher : he  reveals not only beautiful fluidity, grace and ease but a clear inner concentration , peace and serenity
which communicates wordlessly to his students."

JoAnne from New York, NY
"The first class I ever took with Wolfe Glass was in 1994, 22 years ago. I have taken a few classes of the Tai Gong form with Wolfe and I can feel how powerful and beautiful this new form is. I can't wait to be able to take more classes and incorporate this into my personal practice" 

Leo from Mexico City